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Blog Action Day

October 15th, 2007 at 10:59 pm

The quarter keeps chugging along here at RIT. As usual, things continue to get busier as we get closer to finals week. Earlier today I met with three of RIT's trustees to discuss the Honors Program with a small group of other upper class honors students. We described a wide range of topics from the program's benefits to its shortcomings to see if the trustees should invest their time to push it to the forefront of RIT's agenda. I came away from the meeting with an improved understanding of how the trustees operate and their perceptive personalities. In other areas of the blogosphere, Blog Action Day has been underway. To that end, I'm closing this post by reminding you to read up on my history of ethanol articles. It seems I don't post my thoughts on the environment often enough, so I'll try harder in the future!

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