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Back to Rochester I go

August 19th, 2007

Summer flew by as usual.  Here's a quick note to let people know I'm heading back to Rochester tomorrow.  I'm still packing and preparing for the day on the road.  I'm excited to see everybody at RIT again, especially since classes don't start for another two weeks.  After I write this, the computer is the next thing to be packed…so if you need to get a hold of me, I advise calling my cell.

Off from NASA, back to computer hacking…literally!

August 12th, 2007

Well, I just finished cutting a hole in a computer case with a hack saw. I can't say I'm the most experienced at using such tools, especially since I broke 2 or 3 blades in the process. But now the rear case fan has plenty of open space to move warm air out of the case of my MythTV system. Now you know what former NASA employees do on the weekends ;). Yes, that's right, I have finished my co-op at NASA Langley for the summer. Fortunately, the response to the work I did was so positive that I should be able to continue providing at least an advisory role to some areas of the Center. I had a great time working for NASA and hope that is not the last time our paths cross.

This heat makes me long for Rochester

August 7th, 2007

It has been quite hot and very humid here in Hampton Roads the past week or so. We have daily heat advisories for heat indices of 110° F. It's not really unusual for our summers to have periods like this, but it reminds me how crazy I am to go to Rochester for the winter and come back down to Virginia for the summer. It certainly doesn't help that my apartment's air conditioning is not in the best condition (the thermostat is reading 80-85° in here). At least all my wrap-up work as I go through my last week at NASA is keeping me from thinking about the heat too much. Get out of the heat, and take a look at two recent additions to my site: more Princeton photos and "Kerby's Tech Notes."