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Traveling back home

May 26th, 2007 at 9:01 pm

RIT's spring quarter ended this past week…a time that brings feelings of both happiness for classes ending, and sadness for friends separating. I certainly felt that combination of emotions. Yesterday, I left RIT with my father to travel to West Virginia. Here I am currently staying in the beautiful home of my great aunt and uncle while we work on some renovations of the Princeton, WV house of my grandfather, who passed away a few weeks ago. My mother traveled to meet us earlier today and drove up my new (used) car for me to see for the first time.

I love spending time in West Virginia with its many photo opportunities. I'm taking advantage of the excellent weather to capture some nice images of these two houses and my family. I hope to have those photos uploaded to my website before I start work at NASA a week from now. I should also be able to post some random photos I took at RIT during the spring quarter. So far it has been a nice trip home. We're briefly stopping in Waynesboro, VA on Monday to see my grandmother, aunt, and cousin. Then I finally return home to Hampton Roads.

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