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Still on the road

December 30th, 2006

We're still traveling and visiting family for Christmas and my birthday. I do have to say that I appreciate technology so much more when I am somewhat separated from it. Fortunately, I now at all times have my Palm Treo 700p with me. Not only does this provide access to various Internet services and web browsing (with a small screen, of course), but it allows me to connect to the Internet on my PowerBook anywhere I have a Sprint signal. I do this with the fantastic USB Modem utility that utilizes the phone's data plan we are already paying for. This kind of stuff makes me happy ;).

Home for the Holidays (and Party Photos!)

December 22nd, 2006
xmas party

I'm heading home once again for a two-week holiday break. Christmas and my birthday are just around the corner!! I have an early flight tomorrow morning, so I better get some rest. For those of you who check my website often and are eager for more content, I just posted the photos from this year's Kerby Christmas Party that my mom puts together for her department at work. Enjoy the photos, and be sure to check out the last gallery I posted (Baker Shooting Range) as well.

All is well at

December 19th, 2006
Soda can shot by a Nerf dart

I have been updating more often than usual, a trend I hope to maintain. In that same vein, I just posted a new gallery of photos! Check out the photos of some of my floor mates taking target practice. It is a Baker Shooting Range, Nerf style :). This week is turning out to be quite a busy one as we wrap up some things at RIT before heading off for our winter break (the measly two weeks of it 🙁 ). I can't argue with the weather, though. We've only had two mild snows so far this year and temperatures well above freezing.

More on MailScanner and Navigation change

December 18th, 2006

Well, as it turns out, the problem I described earlier seems to be due to a lack of memory. MailScanner takes up quite a bit of memory, and when it attempted to start a child process for scanning, memory ran out, so the server killed the process…thus leading to the endless cycle (until memory became available). I'm glad that's over with. Also, I made a small change to the site navigation links on the left. I removed the Services link and added a direct link to my blog (of which this post is a part). That should give more visibility to the WordPress installation on my site and its archive of posts.

Finally MailScanner and SpamAssassin are playing nicely

December 17th, 2006

Ever since I switched to a new hosting provider in October, I have had full administrative control over my web and mail server. That has been going great, but…for the life of me, I could not get a decent spam filtering setup working. For some reason, when I enabled MailScanner's spam filtering via SpamAssassin, an endless loop occurred where MailScanner would start up, see that mail was present to scan in the Postfix queue, and then restart. Read the rest of this entry »

Rochester seems like Rochester again

December 5th, 2006

It is 27° F outside with snow on the ground, and more snow is forecast every day at least through Thursday. I guess this makes up for the 70 degree temperatures last week. There are less than three weeks until I can escape this weather again to head south for the holidays. In the meantime…I just received two DVDs of movies I saw recently: An Inconvenient Truth and Who Killed the Electric Car?…two movies that are must sees for anyone with the remotest interest in not destroying the Earth as we know it. I guess you could always look on the bright side; that is, if we are cruel enough to the environment, the human population will eventually become extinct and after some thousands or millions of years the environment will rebound. Have a happy few last weeks of fall!