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Apple Store MacArthur Center

September 11th, 2006
Grand opening line start

I have been waiting for this store to open for several months now…too bad I was back in Rochester before the grand opening. Fortunately, my parents went all out to cover the event for me. They arrived early enough to get complementary shirts and enter the grand opening sweepstakes. Most importantly, they brought along a camera and snapped a bunch of photos. I just posted them, so go take a look. Finally an Apple Store in Hampton Roads!!

Toga, toga, toga…

September 7th, 2006

It's about time…I finally got around to finishing editing the photos from last week's Toga Party here in the Baker dorm. A few Honors freshman organized this one, something that wouldn't have happened last year ;). Go ahead and check out the toga party gallery. I'm really enjoying this Aperture software for managing and doing quick editing of my photos. It truly provides a streamlined workflow, and although it is advertised as a RAW photo manager, Aperture handles non-destructive edits on jpegs just as well. From my evaluations of Adobe's beta software, Lightroom still has quite a way to go until it is as feature-filled as Aperture, especially when handling masses of photos.

Apple Store update and Aperture

September 4th, 2006

Big news regarding the MacArthur Center Apple Store. A time has officially been set for the grand opening: this Saturday (Sept. 9) at 10:00am. The first 1000 visitors to the store will receive free T-shirts, a normal practice for Apple Retail. If all goes well, my parents should be in that number 🙂 since I am in Rochester. For more info, visit the store's website, which finally went live with the grand opening announcement. You also may have noticed I posted the Camp Stella Maris photos. All were edited in Apple's Aperture software. I'll tell more about that when I post the second gallery.