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Goodbye teeth

July 31st, 2006

The time has finally come. Tomorrow I will have all four of my wisdom teeth removed. Fortunately I will be unconscious for the procedure. At least it will give me a sort of second weekend as I recover before going back to work. Not much else to say, so I'll leave it there.

More juggling props

July 14th, 2006
Juggling balls!

You may remember my story from April about the RIT Juggle-In and how I won a set of juggling clubs. At that time I was taking a juggling class at RIT. This past week, I finally ordered myself four juggling bean bags (ie, vinyl material filled with birdseed…referred to as balls from here on) to diminish my juggling withdrawal. For those interested, I ordered the balls from Renegade at a reasonable price for the quality. You may also notice that I ordered decently large balls that feel more comfortable in my hand than normal smaller sizes. I often find myself casually juggling three balls while working on something else. See the second photo in the full post.

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Ethanol has a public image

July 4th, 2006

Ethanol on the front lines

Happy Independence Day! This past weekend we drove up to Virginia's northern neck to see my aunt, uncle, cousins, and their new pug puppy. When we stopped for gas before the trip, I had to snap a shot of a sign on the pump, "Contains up to 10% ethanol." Originally, I thought this was to feed off of recent somewhat positive media exposure, but it seems more is involved. If you want a good read, follow my link to this PDF from the Virginia Petroleum, Convenience and Grocery Association. By the way, my Treo 700p's camera seems to work quite nicely outside. Read on for more info and another photo. Read the rest of this entry »