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Road trip weekend

June 24th, 2006 at 9:06 pm

Friday after work, my mom and I began a bit of a road trip in a rented SUV to pick up two of my cousins and grandfather in West Virginia.  This was really my first chance to test my new Palm Treo 700p on the road with its unlimited data plan from Sprint.  I have gotten great reception the whole way along major interstates (I-64 and 460 mostly).  This has enabled me to browse the web, check my email, and simply entertain myself without having to worry where I will be able to pick up a wireless connection next with my laptop.  I'm loving my experience with the 700p so far (except for a few issues getting the right plan from Sprint).  By the way, I find it quite surprising (and telling of where our world is heading) that I can see five wireless networks from grandfather's house in this small West Virginian town.  Two of those are not password protected…that is, anyone could connect to them and use the Internet.

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