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Finally some Mac advertising from Apple

May 2nd, 2006 at 3:02 pm

Ever since I switched to using a Mac as my primary computer over two years ago, I have been waiting to see Apple actually advertise the product that defines them. In the wake of the iPod, mainstream advertising for the Mac has dwindled to nothing…until now! Apple has replaced its switch site with They have also placed 6 video advertisements online for your viewing pleasure :). It really is nice to finally see Apple acknowledging the Macintosh (operating system and computer) as a product worthy of advertising now that they are well into the transition to Intel processors and are able to boot Windows. I do believe, however that Apple is still suffering from the "good for graphics, but not for business" stereotype. Apple needs to challenge Microsoft by placing more ad dollars toward their server and storage solutions. I think this just might come when the Xserve gets an Intel processor.

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