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Apple's Boot Camp

April 6th, 2006 at 10:18 pm

Although quite a bit of the web is currently discussing Apple's new Boot Camp software, I thought it worthwhile to mention here since much of my audience would not hear about it otherwise. Here's the deal: On Wednesday, April 5, Apple announced and provided for download a beta release of its new software called Boot Camp. This utility allows users of new Intel-based Macs to create space on their hard drive and provide driver support to install and run Windows XP on their Mac(s).

This is huge largely because it is an official solution from Apple (though they do not provide Windows support :), of course). Take note of how much Apple disses Windows on the Boot Camp software page. Recently, people have been able to create boot loaders to allow a Windows install, but driver support was lacking and the experience was a bit clunky. Now, people can run both Mac OS X and Windows XP on the same computer officially and legally…not to mention that people seem to believe that the new Intel-based Macs runs Windows better than any other computer they have used. Now just try and give me an excuse not to buy a Mac!

One Response to “Apple's Boot Camp”

  1. Seth Says:

    I have an idea! Let's run an inferior OS on more expensive equipment, when that equipment already comes with an absurdly superior OS, loaded with great software that can do anything that this worse OS can do, and MORE.

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