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Corn Ethanol Rant

April 26th, 2006

Before I start, let me warn you this is a longer post, but please read it all. There has been a lot of mention of alternative fuels in the news lately due to the ever sky-rocketing fuel prices. Always included in the discussion is ethanol, the grain alcohol often made from corn that is currently being mixed with gasoline across the country generally in proportions of less than five percent. If any of you knew me in my senior year of high school and heard my senior speech, you may remember that I am quite opinionated on the topic of using ethanol. Not much has changed since I gave that speech, but I think it worth a little rant to bring everyone reading this site to the same level. First, read this article by Popular Mechanics and this article by U.S. News & World Report. Then make sure you come back and read the rest of what I have to say. Read the rest of this entry »

17-inch MacBook Pro released

April 24th, 2006

To coincide with the National Association of Broadcasters conference that started today, Apple released the 17-inch MacBook Pro. I do have to say, although I am in the market for the 15-inch model, the price on the 17-inch looks appealing. My desired configuration of the 15-inch looks like it will cost around $2599 plus AppleCare, tax, etc. The 17-inch is just $200 more and has a slightly faster processor, Firewire 800 support, a third USB slot, and an 8x double-layer SuperDrive (versus the 15-inch's 4x single-layer drive). I'm not too keen on the huge size of the 17-inch though. I wonder how much longer I can hold out?

Juggling and other updates

April 22nd, 2006
My new juggling clubs!

I just got back from a dinner celebrating the Monroe County Honor Guard's 25th anniversary. A small group of us was invited since we raised over $500 for them earlier this year. I do have to say, the food at the dinner was quite good :). In other news, I won a $100 set of juggling clubs in a raffle at the 29th annual RIT Juggle-In. This convention is quite well attended by some impressive, famous jugglers. You'll want to make sure you read this full post to see some photos of the clubs! More news after the jump: Mamiya selling its camera business and I'm running for RIT Honors Treasurer… Read the rest of this entry »

New lens

April 15th, 2006
My new lens!

I finally broke down and bought the lens I have been thinking about getting for nearly six months. It is a Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens. All that stuff essentially means it is good :). The EF-S part means it is one of Canon's lenses designed for the APS-C sized CMOS sensor found in the Digital Rebels, 20D, and 30D. The IS means it has in-lens image stabilization to reduce shake and allow for sharper hand held photos. Lastly, the USM means it has an ultrasonic motor to handle focusing in a very quiet and fast way. This lens is quite a step up for me and will effectively replace two of my other lenses. Click the image by this post for a slightly larger look.

Apple's Boot Camp

April 6th, 2006

Although quite a bit of the web is currently discussing Apple's new Boot Camp software, I thought it worthwhile to mention here since much of my audience would not hear about it otherwise. Here's the deal: On Wednesday, April 5, Apple announced and provided for download a beta release of its new software called Boot Camp. This utility allows users of new Intel-based Macs to create space on their hard drive and provide driver support to install and run Windows XP on their Mac(s). Read the rest of this entry »