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The elusive "P"

March 30th, 2006 at 11:23 pm

I should start this post by saying the weather in Rochester was amazingly good today. The best part was that our photo class shot a 4×5 assignment outside, so we were able to spend several hours in the sunny weather rather than stuck in a studio. In the meantime, my roommate and a couple of our friends down the hall have been trying to guess my middle name. It stunned me that even I could not find my middle name spelled out online anywhere. How can I run a website with a domain name that includes my initials (EPK) and not remotely publicize my middle name?!

Here is the list of their hilarious guesses:

Eric Peanut Butter Kerby
Eric Pavement Kerby
Eric Poontang Kerby
Eric Pro-life Kerby
Eric Pile Driver Kerby
Eric Power Bomb Kerby
Eric Punisher Kerby
Eric Pornographic Kerby
Eric Photo Kerby
Eric Party Kerby
Eric Pre-game Kerby
Eric Plaid Kerby
Eric Porterhouse Kerby
Eric Pomegranate Kerby
Eric Passover Kerby
Eric Pumpernickel Kerby
Eric Playboy Kerby
Eric Piranha Kerby
Eric Pistachio Kerby
Eric Pork Rinds Kerby
Eric Pole Dance Kerby
Eric Phat Kerby
Eric Propeller Kerby
Eric Pimple Kerby
Eric Pinecone Kerby
Eric Purple Kerby
Eric Pep-talk Kerby
Eric Prix Kerby
Eric Pop Tarts Kerby
Eric Papa Smurf Kerby
Eric Palindrome Kerby
Eric Password Kerby
Eric Philodendron Kerby
Eric Pincushion Kerby
Eric Pog Kerby
Eric Peat Moss Kerby
Eric Protein Kerby
Eric Peculiar Kerby
Eric Pancakes Kerby
Eric Plantation Kerby
Eric Panda Bear Kerby
Eric Platypus Kerby
Eric Parsnip Kerby
Eric Pistol Kerby
Eric Platinum Kerby
Eric Pork Chop Kerby

…and the answer is, Eric Paxton Kerby. That's right, my middle name is Paxton. For those of you not well versed in Latin, "pax" means peace. For anyone else who cares, "pax" is of the form nominative, singular, feminine, which essentially means it is in the form ready to be used as the singular subject of a sentence. I'm going to leave the Latin speech there since any more will likely bore you.

The name Paxton has run in my family for some time. Most recently, it is my Granddad's middle name, was my great-great-aunt's last name, and my great-grandmother's maiden name. For the record, I love my middle name as it is not a run of the mill, boring name and has some history and meaning to it.

Thanks, Tim, Mike, and Jack for finally bringing it to my attention that I definitely need to put my middle name somewhere on my website.

3 Responses to “The elusive "P"”

  1. Cathy Kerby Says:

    I don't know whether to feel sorry for Tim, Mike and Jack's future children when it's their turn to name them or just be thankful that they had no hand in naming Eric when he was born. I'm hoping that some of their guesses were not drawn from their experiences with Eric. That is worrisome. I'm thinking that maybe a 'name' book might have been more helpful. Oh, well, hopefully all of your friends studies are going more positively.

  2. Heath the Cheater Says:

    P is for…


    BIRDMAN. Mwahaha.

  3. Heath the Cheater Says:

    mine too, btw.

    Not too many Colonna's out there. Or Ducketts. Or Heaths for that matter.

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