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Back for a new quarter

March 13th, 2006 at 2:53 pm

Here I am in Rochester back from Chicago. Today marks the beginning of the Spring Quarter, and it is a pleasant 62° F outside, though a bit humid and dreary. Luckily, both of my new textbooks for the new quarter arrived in the mail this morning. You may have noticed that I have already posted my photos from the Chicago trip. Those will have to hold you until I get around to posting a colossal entry about the trip. I really do want to explain the details of the trip, so it should not be too long. In the meantime, it's back to the daily RIT grind of classes, work, and procrastination ;).

3 Responses to “Back for a new quarter”

  1. Dennis kerby Says:

    Overall, that was quite a dazzling set of photos – there were some really cool night shots (some gimmics like capturing the lighthouse with the red hue and Water Tower with the moon by the sphire were especially impressive) but overall the daytime shots gave me the most pizzaz. The river shots (often displaying the bridge architecture)the Hancock Bldg with the cross bracing on the outside of the structure, the Sears Tower rising above the surrounding skyscrapers, Millenium Park sculpture, the architecture of the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium, some nifty skylines, all would bring a tear to any Chicagoan. (The shot of the red head in the Apple Store was a nice treat too. Can't wait to read the juicy details.

  2. EPKPhoto Says:

    Argg…when I said it was a pleasant 62° F, that was before it started pouring rain this afternoon. Yucky, yucky weather.

  3. Dennis kerby Says:

    Keep smiling – could have been sleet or snow! You may not have seen the last of the cold stuff yet.

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