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High in Chicago

March 8th, 2006 at 9:34 am

No, I'm not high on drugs, but our hotel room is on the 24th floor. That's right, our little band of five RIT Honors students from CIAS is in Chicago. We are staying in a great location, too. Out my window, the view consists of skyscrapers, more skyscrapers, and…uh…tall buildings. That must mean we are downtown ;). I'm also happy because I have *cough*free*cough* wi-fi Internet access in our hotel room. On today's agenda, we are visiting a contact at Doblin, Inc., a strategy firm that helps businesses innovate and stand out in the industry. They really like using forms of the word "innovate" on their website :). In the afternoon, we are stopping by VSA Partners, Inc., a company that has graphic design at its roots, but extends into many more areas when serving their clients.

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  1. Dennis kerby Says:

    I noticed a small warming trend in Chicago for th enext few days but also chance of rain. Hope the conditions allow opportunity to walk around in the Michigan Ave area some. Your wifi access should be a benefit in getting th escoop on some places or things you may want to explore. When you have time, post some details of your daily highlights of "touring" the big city.

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