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Apple Store + Hampton Roads = Happy Eric

February 1st, 2006

Now here's a good news tidbit brought to my attention by my parents back home in Hampton Roads, VA. Apple is finally planning on opening one of their retail stores in Norfolk, Virginia, specifically the downtown MacArthur Mall. According to ifoAppleStore, a third party website that follows news about Apple retail stores, "Up to now, [Norfolk] has been the largest metro region without an Apple store." Sure enough, after I heard this news, I searched and found the relevant job listings on Apple's job site for this store. The applications for these jobs were required, well, today. I guess that means the planning process for this store has already come well along. Check out my post about this in the Forum. One more word…yay! Okay, another…yipee! Lastly, how about…it's about time, Apple!