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RIT destroys Geneseo

December 9th, 2005 at 10:00 pm

I went to another hockey game tonight. It was an action-packed wrestling match, but RIT blew Geneseo State away with an embarrassing 6-1 victory. There was the normal amount of roughing and penalties, until the third period when a huge fight broke out on the ice directly in front of where we were sitting. After the brawl had cleared, specks of blood were left on the ice and glass, and no less than six players were penalized and/or disqualified!

In other news…a lot has happened in the week+ since my last post. The new calendar system I created is up on the RIT Honors web site. The additions to the site were revealed at the Honors Dinner last Friday. This Friday, ITS had its annual student employee Holiday Celebration. I got to eat plenty of pizza and desert munchies while meeting a bunch of student employees from other ITS departments.

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