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Nikon D200

November 1st, 2005 at 4:30 pm

There have been rumors flying this past week, but now Nikon has officially announced their new D200 digital SLR camera. I know, I know…I am a diehard Canon user and would hardly consider purchasing this camera. It is interesting nonetheless because the D200 looks poised to hurt sales of my Canon EOS 20D. The specifications are quite similar, but the differences show where prosumer digital technology has headed since the year and a three months ago Canon announced the 20D. Nikon's LCD is larger, the CCD sensor is physically larger, 10.2 megapixels versus 8.2 megapixels (not much practical difference), and the Nikon has better construction.

The Nikon D200 is coming out at $1700 retail vs the $1500 retail for the Canon EOS 20D (though you can get it now for $1300 or $1200 with current rebate). So, as always, Nikon and Canon really don't have any cameras that compete head to head with each other. They like to stagger their product lines in relation to each other to make it harder for people like me to say which brand is truly better (*cough**Canon**cough*) 😉 What interests me most, though, is how Canon will answer this challenge from Nikon. In the past, Canon has announced cameras of this sort during two periods of the year…either August/September or January/February. I think things are looking promising for an interesting release from Canon in early 2006 :).

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