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Even Colder Brick City

October 8th, 2005 at 7:34 pm

It is now 46° F outside and dropping. Giuliani's speech earlier today was quite good with some great leadership tips and a doce of humor here and there. When he first got on stage, he made fun of RIT's President's New York accent and compared it to listening to hours of police recordings of mafia bosses :).

Now I'm safely inside after fighting my way through what can only be described as a mob to see Jon Stewart. Luckily I bought my tickets well in advance (well over a month ago) and I arrived at the Field House an hour early. Even an hour early, several impromptu lines had formed to enter. Within five minutes, the crowd outside had doubled and new lines were forming quite strangely. The crowd I wisely decided to joing was near the steps to enter the Field House, though the line was doubled and running parallel to the Field House instead of directly toward it. When the doors finally opened at about 7:15, the minor mob mentality started to take shape. This meant my section of the line eventually merged with the entering traffic and got me in well ahead of the people who chose more direct, though longer lines. That description probably made little sense, but it really is hard to make sense of the crazy way people had to get in here.

To compare the Giuliani crowd to the sold out Jon Stewart crowd, I arrived 20 minutes early to Giuliani and am sitting in roughly the same spot now after arriving an hour early and taking a couple well made strategic moves in line. So, basically, I am sitting here rambling away and waiting for the remaining half and hour to pass before Stewart goes on.

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