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Ubuntu vs Fedora

September 23rd, 2005 at 10:34 pm

During my breaks this weekend from homework, I've been trying out a different distribution of Linux. Some of you know I am a fan of the Fedora Core distribution that stemmed off of Red Hat Linux. Well, after trying Ubuntu (specifically the 5.10 – "Breezy Badger" preview release), which stems off of Debian, I might have to change my preference. This new Ubuntu release has excellent package management and I believe a slightly lower learning curve than Fedora. This might change a bit when Fedora Core 5 is released sometime around February next year, but I think I'll stick with Ubuntu for now.

Considering I just installed Ubuntu last night, I still have a bit to learn about its differences. So far, though the installer needs some work. Fedora's is much better thanks to its Red Hat legacy. Fedora, on the other hand, needs to improved its RPM tools to aid installing and removing applications. Up2date and yum on Fedora make this relatively painless most of the time, but the Synaptic Package Manager on Ubuntu blows the RPM based tools away. In the end…to each his own. I'll let you know a bit more later when I have more time to fiddle around in Ubuntu.

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