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Topics of the day…

August 31st, 2005

I'm starting to like the new design. I just created a topic in the Forum where you can leave feedback on the change. Please let me know what you think!

In other news…the entering freshman of RIT's College of Imaging Arts and Sciences (CIAS) had a cookout and went bowling today. We were planning on going to a nearby amusement/water park (Seabreeze), but the remnants of Hurricane Katrina caused some wind damage at the park last night. Read the rest of this entry »

It's official

August 31st, 2005

The day has finally arrived. I'm posting shortly after midnight to ring in the new site design! It's best to do these things after peak hours, you know. For now, I have just implemented the new design on the Main page. Shortly I will begin transitioning the rest of the pages on the site. Feel free to comment on the change in the Forum!! I hope no one gets disoriented with the new design…if so, let me know :p

Honors Orientation

August 28th, 2005

I'm back from our Honors Orientation overnight trip to Camp Stella Maris. We all had a great time getting to know a bit about each other and the Honors program itself. I took several photos that I'll post on the site eventually. Today I'm sitting in my dorm watching the rest of the RIT freshman frantically unpack and move in. Keep checking the site for updates!

From my dorm

August 26th, 2005

Here I am at RIT!! I've just about settled into my dorm with all my stuff surrounding me. My roommate (Timothy) hasn't arrived yet, so I hope he's okay with having the other side of the room. It is quite nice here compared with the high 90 degree temperatures back home. Too bad it's going to start cooling down fast within a few weeks. I'll take some photos to post eventually. Now it's time to meet people 🙂

Final packing for college

August 24th, 2005

Well, here it is…my last day at home before I head to college. While I am running around packing up everything under the sun, you can enjoy these two new photo galleries :p > More Kitten Photos and some cool wildlife shots I took in one of my mom's coworkers' backyard. Thanks for the opportunity Kathy and Paul! Enjoy the photos and I'll be sure to update things a bit when I get settled at RIT!!