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Madrid #7

March 7th, 2005 at 5:18 pm

Well, today was another day of classes. We split into two groups to listen to different types of Spanish music and to sit in on classes. I enjoyed my experience in a math class: the universal language of math isn't really universal :p You have to learn the ways Spanish speakers describe formulas and such…Anyway, I found it easy since the class seemed to be a combination of Algebra and Pre-Calculus. No new photos today (sorry :().

After the classes we began watching El Cid Campeador in Spanish. It's quite funny how the Spanish subtitles hardly match what the actors are saying in Spanish. After that we headed back to our host homes for lunch. I then sent some postcards (finally), although there's no chance they'll arrive before I return to the US. Then I had to reset my Palm handheld and restore its data (I'll save that story for another day). Now I'm sitting in bed promising to take many photos at Segovia tomorrow to make the parents happy đŸ˜‰

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