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Madrid #5

March 5th, 2005 at 6:50 pm

We are still having a great time in Madrid! Last night we all tried to meet at several places and failed, but eventually we all met walking down the street. After walking several blocks, we split up and most of us got lost in some way or another šŸ™‚ But we all made it home safely. Today most of us went skating at the Palacio de Hielo (Palace of Ice :)). Afterwards I took some really good photos that you must see! We enjoyed skating…or, for the most part, watching Carlon skate really well while we all tried our best :p

The best part of my day came when Jorge and I took the Metro to the Sevilla station after dark. We walked around the busiest part of the city at that time of day to take photos of the area after dark. As you can see in my photo gallery, I came out with some really beautiful photos…some of the best of my life šŸ˜€ Make sure you check them out! Also, I may get another chance to take some more tomorrow.

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