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Canon announced EOS 1Ds Mark II

September 21st, 2004

To round out its latest revisions of professional digital SLRs, Canon has officially announced the successor to the original EOS 1Ds. Now Canon's prosumer line includes the EOS 20D, EOS 1D Mark II, and the EOS 1Ds Mark II. The new 1Ds has an incredible 16.7 megapixel sensor, easily topping Nikon's newest flagship 12.4 megapixel sensor. Now all I need is $8000 to buy one!! :p

KCP Main Page

September 17th, 2004

As you can see, my website now sports a slightly altered main page. Now several categories of news pertaining to KCP, photography, etc. are displayed instead of the former space-consuming welcome logo. I hope you enjoy the new design. Please feel free to comment in the KCP Forum!

KCP Forum

September 17th, 2004

Now that the KCP Forum is finally open to the public, I occasionally add a feature or two. Most of my modifications happen in the background to improve performance and reliability. Other changes, like the new KCP Forum title graphic and emoticon support, change the look of the message board. I would love any feedback on the forum in general. Also, I encourage you to start a discussion in the KCP Forum!